Readmoo電子書店(以下簡稱Readmoo)今日宣布與Trajectory Inc.(以下簡稱Trajectory)結盟,將Trajectory旗下世界經典圖文書作品引進Readmoo電子書店,並於即日起同步上架開賣。Readmoo不但是Trajectory在華文市場的第一個合作夥伴;這也是Trajectory旗下作品第一次登上華文電子書平台,與廣大華文讀者見面。

Readmoo總經理龐文真指出,雖然Readmoo在2012年秋天才陸續推出服務,但數月前就已開始積極拓展多元圖書來源,不但與 80 多家台灣出版社合作,也主動走出華文市場、接觸海外電子書內容提供商。


位於美國麻州(Massachusetts)的Trajectory,是一個專注於技術與市場行銷的電子書出版公司,目前已與歐美多位知名作家、藝術家及傳統出版商合作,其圖解名著的經典圖文小說系列,已累積超過 130 本作品,涵蓋包括《白雪公主》、《綠野仙蹤》、《哈姆雷特》等經典故事,並在包括亞馬遜(Amazon)、Kobo等多家電子書平台上架。

除了既有之英語市場外,近年來Trajectory亦積極向海外擴張,並已完成包括《海底兩萬哩》、《大戰火星人》等 8 本作品之中文化,並希望藉由與Readmoo的合作,直接切入華文電子書市場,擴展作品的全球曝光機會!

Readmoo電子書店(以下簡稱Readmoo)為一結合書籍銷售、閱讀社群及創作市集的多元電子書服務平台。網站採用最先進的HTML 5網頁技術,使服務能夠跨平台、跨載具、進行離線儲存,並強調畫線、註記、分享等社群閱讀功能。Readmoo目前已與超過 80 多家華文出版社合作,並積極切入海外市場、與國際接軌。Readmoo母公司為群傳媒股份有限公司,總部設於台灣台北市。

關於Trajectory, Inc.
Trajectory, Inc.(以下簡稱Trajectory)是一個技術和市場營銷為導向的出版公司,與知名作家、藝術家和傳統出版商合作。Trajectory的出版物有130餘電子書和應用程式,目前可從世界各地的線上零售商購買,包括亞馬遜、蘋果、邦諾書店(Barnes & Noble)、Bokus、Chapters Indigo、Google Play、Kalahari、Kobo圖書、Tescoe圖書、Whitcoulls、和W.H. Smith。Trajectory出版的作品可在多種裝置上閱讀,包括Android平板電腦和智能手機、亞馬遜Kindle Fire、蘋果iPad、iPhone和iPod touch、邦諾書店Nook平板Nook Color、Google Nexus7、Kobo Vox的閱讀器、摩托羅拉CLIQ和DROIDX、和三星Galaxy Tab。


Taipei, 1 October, 2012

Readmoo Ebook Store (“Readmoo”) today announced a business agreement with Trajectory Inc. (“Trajectory”) that will bring its Classics Illustrated Comics and Sally Series into the store; now available online to all readers. Readmoo is not only Trajectory’s first ever business partner in the Chinese publishing market, but also the primary platform for its publications to meet the large Chinese readership.

The CEO of Readmoo, Sophie Pang, pointed out that even though Readmoo has just gradually opened up its services since this Autumn, for the past few months, it has been very active and productive in developing a broad spectrum of multi-genre digital content. Readmoo has successfully established collaborations with 80 local publishers, and furthermore, has reached out beyond the Chinese publishing market to build business relations with international suppliers.

“By showcasing both English and Chinese titles from Trajectory, we are marking an important milestone in the connection between Chinese ebooks and the global market. Not only will the collection enhance the diversity of the Chinese ebooks on Readmoo, but will also offer great educational values to those who are studying the English language. Readmoo boasts a service that is compatible with all operating systems and devices, enabling users to read and share ebooks in a simpler and more convenient way.” said Pang.

Trajectory is a Cambridge, MA based technology and marketing oriented publishing company that has close collaborations with many celebrated authors, artists and publishers in America and Europe. Its Illustrated Comics has a collection of more than 130 titles, including old-time favorites like “Snow White”, “Alice in Wonderland”, “Hamlet” and many more. Trajectory ebooks are also available on major platforms including Amazon and Kobo.

Apart from maintaining its position in the English-speaking market, Trajectory also has been actively surveying and spreading its contacts in foreign territories. So far, it has completed 8 Chinese titles which includes “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea” and “The War of the Worlds”. Through the collaboration with Readmoo, Trajectory is looking forward to entering the Chinese digital market and to gain more exposure for its publications in the world scope.

Readmoo Ebook Store
Readmoo Ebook Store (“Readmoo”) is the only platform that provides multi-integrated ebook services that encompasses e-store, social reading community and creative market-place. The website uses advanced technology of HTML5 for its implementation, providing services across all operating systems and devices; including offline reading, highlighting, annotating, sharing and other social reading functions. Right now, Readmoo is working with 80 local publishers in Taiwan and is actively engaging itself in the international digital arena. Readmoo is under the management of eCrowd Media Inc. with its head office in Taipei City.

Trajectory Inc.
Trajectory is a Cambridge, MA based technology and marketing oriented publishing company that collaborates with leading authors, artists, and traditional publishers. Trajectory has over 130 eBooks and apps in distribution that are available in online stores, including Amazon, AppStore, Barnes & Noble, Bokus, Chapters Indigo, Google Play, Kalahari, Kobo, Tesco, Whitcoulls and WHSmith. Trajectory publications can be read on various devices, from Android tablets, smart phones, Kindle Fire, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Nook Color, Google Nexus7 and KoboVox eReader to Motorola CLIQ, Motorola DROID X and Samsung Galaxy Tab.


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