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Don’t go to Taiwan – Travel film by Tolt #16









Having said that, I probably wouldn’t think of Taiwan as anything special had I not had the chance to live abroad for a while.

Australia is a large country with a small population. If you want to travel between the suburbs and cities, you have to take buses that are few and far between. Even when you are traveling inside a large city, the trains and buses are often delayed. For someone who is used to Taipei’s fast and efficient MRT, getting around in Australia was an inconvenience.

I got on the five-and-a-half hour bus ride from the town where I worked to Brisbane and started scrolling through used cars websites on my phone.

“Don’t just stare at your phone. Look at the view! See how magnificent that mountain is!”

The lady beside me said as she tapped on my shoulder. Following her gaze, I looked out the window, but what greeted my eyes was only a small hill surrounded by a vast land of nothing but red dirt.

Sure, it was a sight to see, but I wouldn’t exactly call it “magnificent,” especially compared with the breathtaking summits and verdant valleys of Taiwan. But of course, I wasn’t rude and knew better than to argue with the lady.

“Where are you from, my dear?”
“Taiwan. Have you been there?”

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