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瓦茨拉夫‧哈維爾 撰於布拉格 2008.9.2

(捷克作家、劇作家,於 1993 年到 2002 年間擔任捷克共和國總統。)

I am sure that there are links or similarities between the Czech Republic and Taiwan in spite of the geographical distance between our two countries and our different cultural and civilisational roots. They are based on the attitude of mind of citizens of a small state that has a dominant world power as a neighbour, one towards which they are constantly obliged to adopt an attitude, whether they like it or not.

They are feelings of people who are forced again and again to reflect on, define and review their national, cultural and civilisational roots. It is a conflict between preserving one’s own identity in spite of pressures that cannot be permanently avoided, a conflict between resistance and resignation. The Taiwanese probably find themselves in such a situation. Central-European culture and Czech distinctiveness evolved in a similar cultural and political gravitational field. So if Czech culture is something interesting and familiar to the Taiwanese, it could be that this attitude of mind plays a subconscious role.

The book’s author, Mr Kao Sung-Ming merits our great appreciation for the kindness and care with which he has undertaken the task of being a tireless mediator of reflection on these existential uncertainties in our cultures.

Prague, 2nd September 2008

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